How to Fix Your Credit Without Spending a Dime


Do you often check your credit reports? Unfortunately, some lenders may accidentally report inaccurate information and cause a dent in your credit report. Here we will show you how to use the best credit repair services to fix your credit or how you can do it yourself.

Step 1: Request your free credit report


You can apply for a free report directly from the credit companies in particular circumstances. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, citizens who receive public assistance or believe their credit report contains fraud are entitled to have received a free report.

Step 2: Audit credit report carefully


It is important to understand the credit report information thoroughly. The main idea is not just to fix your credit report but also ensure that the information is correct. Be sure to review your credit report and resolve any inaccuracies.

Step 3: Make a dispute for incorrect data


There is no charge for making a dispute on any items seen on your credit report. This means you can start with the current copy and call the phone number or use online apps from credit bureaus. If you find yourself unable to resolve a dispute with your lender, you may also add a “statement of dispute” to your credit report. Check out TransUnion dispute here for more information.

Step 4: Wait 30 days for a response


When the person makes a dispute on an item on your report, the credit bureau will first contact the creditor and make a response. If there was no response why forty-five days, the credit bureau would then remove the account or correct the negative information and notify you.

Step 5: Send a new request for a credit report from every credit agency


Once the item is fixed, wait another thirty days to require a new credit report. You should give the creditor time to report the data and ensure that the item has been updated or removed.

Follow these steps to help you save money without ruining your credit. Have any more questions? Comment below and let us know!