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Jun 28, 2010


Rob Leavitt

Thanks Achinta, much appreciated. The content engine should definitely be a big priority for most B2B marketing groups, and I'm sure you're right that getting it running well will help with the others. At the risk of repetition, though, I would say that all four are important, and we need to make sure that we put substantial energy into all of them. A steady flow of great content is essential to the others, but they won't just happen without careful and consistent focus, creativity, and investment.

Achinta Mitra


Excellent post! You are right on the money with your four engines of B2B marketing success. I would say get your Content Engine fine-tuned and humming and rest will follow with a lot less effort.


The changes taking place in B2B marketing are exciting and efficient. The main problem is getting B2B companies to buy into a marketing revolution that gives little credence to the tried and true tactics that got them to where they are today.

I also think for success, all 4 engines you described need to be coordinated and support each of the others.

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