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Dec 03, 2009


Rob Leavitt

Thanks much for the comment, and good point about going back to the future. The challenge - and opportunity - these days is to recreate that sense of trusted relationship on a much larger scale. Social media, especially, enables this, but although so many marketers talk about wanting to be that trusted advisor it is far easier said than done in an environment of desperate selling and constant stress. it does take a culture and mindset shift -- as well as some different skills (e.g., iistening!).


Great post! It is amazing how difficult it is to execute a give-to-get marketing approach in an entrenched B2B marketing organization. It takes a sift in mindset and culture to stop raving about one's company, products, solutions, and services and start listening to your customer and figuring out how to solve their problems.

In reality, we are just going full circle to before the time of interruption marketing, when you purchased a majority of your goods locally from someone you knew and trusted. That trusted-retailer would go out of their way to offer products that solved your needs...instead of hawking things you don't need.

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